Body Treatment

Mlis Body Wrap  60min.  $85ea  (Series of 6 $75ea)

Developed by a Bio-Chemist from UCLA Medical Center, Mlis wrap increases circulation and lymphatic cleanising.  Also, while you rest with your wrap may add on any facials.


We require a 24hr cancelation notice to avoid a service fee.




By Dr. Steven Nelson- Synergy Wellness Clinic & Rejuvenation Spa. Featured in the Healthy Times Newspaper



It’s interesting to learn why some body contour wraps are effective. One study from the UCLA medical center showed that one detoxifying body contour wrap in particular encouraged circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients. It was meant for those suffering from diabetes or any disease that inhibits circulation, especially in the lower extremities.


Research showed that because of this increased flow of both the lymphatic and the circulatory systems, the patient also experienced cleansing of the tissues. This, in turn, caused healthy inch loss.


Many women needing to slip into that little black dress or lose some extra pounds will buy a few body contour wraps to get the job done quickly. However, as a doctor I have come to appreciate how valuable these body contour wraps are to our overall health. Many who go on a diet or exercise plan to lose weight are afraid of losing too fast because they don’t want their skin to get loose and saggy. After recommending the M’lis body contour wraps to my patients, I have seen some outstanding results.


I recommend that for every seven pounds that you lose, you need to have a wrap, simply because your skin needs to be tightened and toned immediately. The wraps also get rid of toxins stored in the body, so you lose even more inches. I’ve seen patients lose up to 14 inches in only one wrap! Results are further enhanced when my patients complete a 3-day detoxification program prior to their wraps.

Most people know how weight training can give you a more tight, smooth and toned appearance. However, I have seen some of my thinner patients who have areas on their bodies that show they are toxic, such as their upper arms and back.  When they have this particular body contour wrap done, it removes these toxins and their trouble areas are much smoother and toned.


It’s amazing to see how fast inches come off the stomach and waistline with these wraps. I had a female patient who was on one of our complete detoxification programs. She had lost a healthy amount of weight and had started to notice severe cellulite! This meant that toxins were trapped in the connective tissues in her body, so we recommend a series of body contour wraps. After just five wraps, her cellulite was gone and her skin was much smoother and tighter! She was so ecstatic that she brought her husband in for a series of body contour wraps and she has referred others to experience the amazing effects of our wraps.


You will definitely lose inches, but you lose a lot more – toxins and waste materials trapped in our vulnerable fat cells. Because these wraps release toxins and increase circulation to the body, the results will also be improved health. M’lis body contour wraps offer the fastest, easiest, and most effective contour program available. I have seen it many times and I highly recommend them.